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As a full-time working couple, my partner and I have had to rely on the first impressions of the people we've hired to walk our dogs, because we were never home when they actually came into our home on a daily basis.  When we met Kat, we could tell she was a true dog person.  We warned her about how out-of-control our maltipoo is on walks, but she assured us that was no problem, as she walks pit bulls every day (a few weeks later, I walked my friend's 40-lb. dog down a hill and almost fell flat on my face...my little frou frou dog is nothing compared to that!  I thought back to my conversation with Kat and was embarrassed).  Anyway, you really have no way of telling what a dog walker is like at home with your dogs unless you set up a hidden camera, but she made a great first impression, and this was confirmed when we happened to see her one weekend in a public place:  Our little Star ran up to her, wagging her tail and killing her with kisses, the way she does with us when we come home.  Guess that answered our question :)

So this review is a first on 2 accounts. First, Yelp, haven't submitted a review before. Second and more important Kat is my first experience with a dog walker. So, yeah 5 stars!, shes been great!
I know that Duke (yes the handsome hound in the pics, #13!) truly appreciates the hour walk and timely dinner. Kat's service has alleviated my concerns with a long work day and meeting Duke's needs. She's professional, courteous, clearly an animal (dog) lover, responsible, and respectable.
One thing that has always sat uneasy with me and any dog walker is the access they are given to your home. With Kat this personal concern of mine has been eased significantly! She honestly is very professional and all business. That is to say Kat focuses on Duke and time he deserves. She has even found time to teach him to 'shake a paw' to my surprise and amusement! Its also nice knowing that Kat is the person who's walking Duke. I think there's a better dog/walker bond and personal reassurance in knowing that its the same individual. However, we all need time away, and when there has been a rare need for a substitute dog walker Kat is very timely and understanding in her notice.
So, for a first time experience with a dog walker Duke and I are pleased with Kat's trust and care. Anyone thats looking for a reliable dog or animal sitter I know Duke recommends her.
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I'm also gonna forward you the review link from yelp. Sorry for my delay in getting this out to you.

Kat is an awesome dog walker to our two dogs! My husband and I are really happy we found Kat because we wanted to find someone who could develop a consistent relationship with our dogs, and someone who loved dogs as much as we do! We have an Alaskan Malamute and a Maltese and she walks both of them each day, notwithstanding the huge size difference between them! Our dogs loved Kat from the moment they first met her, and dogs can really tell when someone is a true "dog person" or not. The best thing is, we are at ease, knowing that she is one who will be walking our dogs each day, and not some random/rotating walker that a dog-walking company simply hires. We would highly recommend her!

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